There is a lot involved with renting a home. You have better things to do with your time and just wish to receive the income. This is where we come in.

What services do we provide with our full-time property management?

  • Marketing. We photograph and market your property online and in our office. We are open seven days a week to set up and handle showings.
  • Screening. We have a thorough application and screening process. We make sure to get quality tenants into our homes to make our owners happy and our job easier.
  • Paperwork. We prepare leases, addendums and legal disclosures, collect security deposits (two month’s worth), collect rent, inspect the home, and maintain a property and maintenance file with all paperwork.
  • Accounting. We pay maintenance charges from the rent, pay owners via electronic deposit or paper check, mail or email monthly and year end statements, and provide 1099s. Most importantly, we do it accurately.
  • Maintenance. We handle maintenance items that come up with your approval. We have an agent available 24/7 to handle after hours emergencies. We do not mark up maintenance bills. We use our handyman when possible to minimize owner expenses.
  • Evictions and Collections. Should the situation arise, we handle all proceedings (except attorney fees).
  • Move Outs. We handle inspections, cleanings, repairs and settlement of security deposits all in accordance with California Civil Code.

Tenant Procurement

For those owners who like to have an active role in their property management, we also have a “Tenant Procurement Service” at a reduced fee where we do everything through move in and then the owner takes over management.

Contact our leasing agents today at 831-624-3901 to discuss your property and its income potential!